Our Vehicles

We have a manual and an automatic Mazda 2 for driving instruction  They are equipped with dual controls, thus enabling us to maintain a safe learning environment at all times. The students can therefore learn with less pressure and thus enhance their ability to learn (particularly in the early stages of training).

Lessons in Your Own Vehicle

Restricted Licence lessons are usually conducted in our driving school cars, because we have dual controls which makes it easier for us to demonstrate things and to keep it safe. It is also our petrol!  If a student plans to sit their Restricted Licence test in their own car, we can do the last lesson (usually a Practice Test) in your car.

Lessons for the Defensive Driving course, Full Licence test and other licensed driver training is usually conducted in your car. This is so that we can see how you set your car up (driving environment, driving position, heater controls etc..) as part of assessing your overall driving.

It is important that you know that our insurance only covers lessons in our car.  Any lessons in your car will be at your risk.